Guided Tours


Visitors are guided through this environment made of glass, fire and know-how, on the discovery of how glass cane is transformed into plates, bowls, pendants, necklaces and dozens of other objects made from murrine.

The tour provides an insight into the most important processes in glass working, from cutting the cane to the finished product, using the usual tools as well as those specifically invented for the various special processes that make these objects unique: the tour brings to life what the object cannot express.

You will fall in love with a world made of glass, dreams, colours, skill and passion for a craft that provides pleasure and beauty, and will leave with memories and magic that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

DurationApprox. 1 hour
LanguagesItalian, English
Bookingssend an email to and await confirmation
Groupsmax 15 people
Fee150 euro