Customer care


Customer complaints must be submitted to Ercole Moretti s.n.c. Customer Service by telephone to the following number: +39 041 739083 or by email to: [email protected] Ercole Moretti s.n.c. will not be held liable for any damages, losses or costs incurred by Customer as a result of non-execution of contract, Customer being entitled solely to the integral reimbursement of the price paid and of any accessory costs sustained.

Limitations of liability

Ercole Moretti s.n.c. shall in no case be held liable for careless, unsuitable or inappropriate use of the products sold. NasonMoretti S.r.l. shall not be held liable for actions by third parties who, acting as independent partners, are involved in payment management and settlement activities, in the goods’ delivery, or in any other operation associated with the execution of contracts concluded via this website. In no case whatsoever shall Ercole Moretti s.n.c be held responsible for fraudulent or improper credit-card use by third parties upon payment of products purchased from this website. At no time during the purchase procedure shall Ercole Moretti s.n.c. acquire the buyer’s credit-card data, as these will be transmitted directly to the receiving bank service via a payment gateway.

Force majeure

Neither party will be held liable for the non-performance (in whole or in part) or for any delay in the performance of their obligations under this contract resulting from an event beyond their control (force majeure). Force majeure events include, but are not limited to: wars, riots, insurrections, serious internet security disturbance, technical failures, unauthorised web-server access and/or intrusion, strikes of any kind, internet or telephone service disruption. If one party believes that a force majeure event has occurred, it must inform the other party within 5 working days from the event’s occurrence or from the risk of such an event occurring. The parties agree to meet in order to determine jointly the terms and conditions for processing orders during a force majeure event. After an interruption of one (1) month due to a force majeure event, Ercole Moretti s.n.c. shall be entitled to decide whether to cancel orders and, where due, to reimburse Customer.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The sale contract between Customer and Ercole Moretti s.n.c. shall be governed by the Italian Law. Any civil disputes regarding sales contracts concluded through this website between Customer (intended as a private consumer) and Ercole Moretti s.n.c., shall be subject to the unchallengeable jurisdiction of the Court located in the town of residence or domicile of the Customer, wherever s/he may live on the Italian territory. All other cases shall fall within the unchallengeable jurisdiction of the Court of Venice.