Techniques and technology

The Venetians have always preferred action to contemplation… getting involved, building, rather than just reading academic texts written by others. That is how is unrivalled savoir faire was created: from experimentation, from experience, from observation, dedication and love.

Techniques that are constantly reinvented, in a kaleidoscope of forms and effects, springing from creative flair, but also from meticulous attention to detail and manufacturing processes. An interplay that must always bear in mind the ancestral rules on which it is based in order to work.

The “velvety” finish

After the first stage of grinding, our products are treated with special procedures that make their surface soft and pleasant to touch. The result is a matt finish, perfectly smooth to the touch and elegant to behold, which combines the vibrancy and variety of the colours with impeccable definition and clarity of form, accentuating the soft, curved lines.

Tumble finishing

To make the surface perfectly even, smooth and shiny, and to accentuate the beauty of the details, beads and pendants are kept immersed for seven days and seven nights in rotating oak barrels containing special substances: the smoothing and polishing solution that is inside has always been and still is a company secret today.