Plates and bowls

Murrina glassmaking has always been the hallmark of Ercole Moretti’s production. It finds its highest form of expression in the creation of plates and bowls, since the surface is large enough to allow for very striking plays and combinations of colour to be created.

Besides traditional creations there are many decidedly contemporary solutions, designed and developed in collaboration with brilliant international designers from different backgrounds. Thanks to this synergy and through innovative experimentation with traditional technologies, the expressive potential and intended use of these objects are broadened considerably, as they blend in seamlessly with traditional, contemporary and ultra-modern environments.

Many interior designers find our creations flexible and eclectic and, using them with mastery and flair, make them the focal point of decor in interiors such as the sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, in homes of a certain size and importance, in city apartments and in seaside holiday homes: covering a whole wall with plates arranged harmoniously or simply as an unusual splash of colour to top off and give a special touch to a wall or to an interior.

Our creations creations, designed by the in-house staff or by international designers, stand out for:

  • Careful choice of colours in compositions with lots of different murrine;
  • Careful and even arrangement of each segment of murrina that forms the piece;
  • The “velvety” finish on both sides;
  • The remarkable variety of models;
  • Attention to packaging;
  • The “M” initial, on all pieces.

The “velvety” finish

After the first stage of grinding, our products are treated with special procedures that make their surface soft and pleasant to touch. The result is a smooth finish, perfectly even to the touch and elegant to behold, which combines the vibrancy and variety of the colours with impeccable definition and clarity of form.


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