Our accessories have different functions and offer that unusual touch to those who use them and the places in which they are displayed. There are traditional creations, prized among those who know and value the murrina world, not to mention also modern interpretations of this typical and exclusive Murano art.

Our creations designed by the in-house staff or by international designers stand out for:

  • grinding and polishing, achieved through our exclusive tumbling process, which accentuate the design and give an unmistakable appearance and feel to our creations;
  • the highly accurate setting of the murrine that form each bead;
  • the careful choice of colours in compositions with lots of different murrine;
  • the remarkable array of models;
  • attention to packaging.

The tumbling technique

To make the surface perfectly even, smooth and shiny, and to accentuate the beauty of the details, the components of the accessories are kept immersed for seven days and seven nights in rotating oak barrels containing special substances: the smoothing and polishing solution that is inside has always been and still is a company secret today.

The “velvety” finish

After the first stage of grinding, our products are treated with special procedures that make their surface soft and pleasant to touch. The result is a smooth finish, perfectly even to the touch and elegant to behold, which combines the vibrancy and variety of the colours with impeccable definition and clarity of form.


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