Our creations must arrive perfectly intact at their destination: that is why we devote special care to all operations to achieve this, from receipt of orders right down to the impeccable delivery of the product. Our products, though handmade, one by one, are painstakingly inspected and selected to guarantee absolute perfection.

The set processes and the techniques used make these products more beautiful and longer lasting, and the packaging has been designed to offer the utmost protection.


The same special care we use in making our products is devoted to packaging and transport in absolute safety. Each and every product tells a story that originates and takes shape in the hands of the master craftsman, sometimes transformed into a magic dialogue with him. We want this experience to arrive intact and to last over time for whoever will wear or display this creation.

The packaging, as we conceive it, is the guardian of authentic value; not only does it guarantee the piece is delivered intact, but it is also a preview of the intrinsic value of the creation within.