Pendants and beads

The pendants in murrina are the feather in the cap of the Moretti product range. Forms and colours to lose yourself in, kaleidoscopic images that will captivate you… …special effects made possible once again by ancient manufacturing processes and by meticulous attention to detail, which have remained unchanged over the centuries.

Besides traditional creations there are many decidedly contemporary solutions, designed and developed in collaboration with brilliant international designers from different backgrounds. Traditional forms, balances and combinations are borrowed and reinvented, reinterpreted and reassembled to create beads and pendants that accentuate the wearer’s verve and attention to quality.

Our creations creations, designed by the in-house staff or by international designers, stand out for:

  • grinding and polishing, achieved through our exclusive tumbling process, which accentuate the design and give an unmistakable appearance and feel to our beads and pendants;
  • the highly accurate setting of the murrine that form each bead;
  • the careful choice of colours in compositions with lots of different murrine;
  • the remarkable array of models;
  • Attention to packaging.

Pendants 6.77 MB 336 downloads


Beads 5.54 MB 421 downloads